{♪} —  ”Michon! You can’t save the princess! You did that last time!”

                {♫} —  ”No I didn’t! You did!”

          {♪} —  ”Did to!”

     Always bickering. Always sniping at one another. It was to be expected—you were only seven. Butting heads nonstop with your twin, about a mere game you were playing no less, Leone. Stomp your little foot in frustration and whirl around with the intent to pull aside an adult—or anyone who was older than you to give your brother a stern redirection. Yes, that was perfectly mature of you.

     And, look, there was one official-looking lady there! Quickly! Grab her hand and give her a pouting expression as you plead your case.

          {♪} —  ”Officer! Officer! My brother isn’t playing fair! It’s my turn to save the princess and he won’t let me!”

It was hard to miss the sound of bickering children, really. As irritating as it was, Charlie would ignore it and move on with her day. Or, at least, she would have, if it wasn’t for the fact that one of the kids had made his way right over to her and grabbed her hand. That had certainly brought her attention back to them.

Well, they were children. She’d just need to have a little patience and avoid looking too bothered by it. So, getting to the kid’s eye level, she looked from him to his brother.

"I think you stand a better chance of saving the princess if you work together. Two heads are better than one, right?"

That’s real rich coming from her.

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"…Peche?" Oh, it seems that Joltik’s wandered off again. He’s so tiny, it’s hard to notice the loss of the weight under her hat. Where’d he wander off to?

shychiaichi asked:
since you want something to draw how about this: draw phantom r trying to seduce charlie and charlie's just "not this shit again"


phantom no


     Okay, so she wasn’t entirely like Kumatora. It she were, she would probably rather sternly state something like, ‘Hah! As if I couldn’t bust up some thugs!’. Yeah, that sounded about right in your head.


          ✲ ❞You’re not? Well… That’s good then. I would hate being on my own when I run into some Chimeras.”

      Lucas. Stop. No one knows what those are.

This kid was pretty weird, considering he was the one acting like Charlie was odd just a moment ago. And clearly, if he was surprised that that she wasn’t alone, then he wasn’t from around here.

"…Chimeras? Like the mythological creatures?"

This guy was definitely the weirder of the two.

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                      Something was found.

     Oh, goodness, had you a stomach or a heart, such words would have twisted them into knots. Yet, it did you well to know that she didn’t know what it was—or, not at all. Ah, your programming did you so terribly when it came to speaking with Charlie! Conflicting urges; to express the truth to ease her clear displeasure for yourself, and your desire to do just the opposite, knowing to tell her of all people would end your career. Your life, even! For you weren’t at all like her, and if the constabulary got their hands on you—good heavens, you would rather not think about it. As if your expressions weren’t enough to speak volumes on your unsure standing.

          ♩ ❞Charlie,"

     A sound was uttered—rather, created—akin to a light breath. Your features, already stressing your conflict and concern for your own matters rather than what she was actually saying. Maybe it was a good thing that you were simply an automaton. You didn’t have to worry about breathing, or heart rate, or feeling sick to your stomach like anyone else would if they were anywhere as nervous as you were. Then again, if you were human like your twins were, you probably wouldn’t worry about, you know. The equivalent of death.

          ♩ ❞Look... If--If I told you, right now--you wouldn't even believe me, because you're right. You... Don't have a reason to trust me. I mean, I'm--Well, I'm not your Raphael, nor will I just get arrested in the end. I'll be selling not just myself out, but any other version of me, and you know they won't lock me up for this, Charlie. You know that."


               ♩ And I want to tell you the truth.”

He was really becoming upset about this. It wasn’t something she had anticipated. Not to this degree, anyhow. Perhaps if his reaction wasn’t quite so strong, or believable, or ‘human’ even, then she wouldn’t have stopped so suddenly. That irritated expression may have lasted longer than it did. It wouldn’t have been her turn to be concerned- Although she recognized the fact that she had no reason to be. Why should she? He was her enemy, and she shouldn’t worry if he was stressed out. But he was downright afraid, and she couldn’t stand that. Not when it was her doing, and especially not when she had no plans to send him off to be shut down. She would never send anyone to their death.


"Raphael, calm down."

Maybe that would work a little better if she had actually said it in a calming manner. Well, what could one expect from her? At least she wasn’t pressing on matters, and was actually making an attempt to help him settle down.

"You realize that I wouldn’t do that, don’t you? Raphael, I know they won’t lock you away. That’s why I won’t try to arrest you, and I certainly won’t tell anyone anything that may help them to locate you. Whether you tell me the truth or not, you need to realize that I’m not going to have you killed.”

As much as she wanted the truth, and oh, she really wanted it-… If he ws like this, then she wouldn’t get the truth from him. She’d find it out herself, the way she usually did. Snooping and prying. Not by scaring some boy out of his mind.


          ✲ ❞Oh,”


          ✲ ❞That has to be pretty scary—not that I would be afraid, or anything—I. I mean, knowing criminals and stuff.”

     Lucas, you don’t even know. The criminal she is mostly speaking of is the exact opposite of intimidating. If anyone was terrifying, it was her, because boy did she sound like the kind of rough-and-tough sort like Kumatora was. Weird.

          ✲ ❞I—I don’t mean to say you couldn’t handle them if they got rough. It has to be tough though, I bet.”

"Scary? Not really."

Although, that wasn’t saying much from Charlie. Perhaps Phantom R wasn’t all that intimidating, but a number of other criminals she dealt with were. However, Charlotte here was notoriously fearless- to the point where it wasn’t courage, but stupidity

"It’s more tough than frightening, to be honest with you, but even then, I’m not on my own so it isn’t so bad."

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          ✲ ❞If that isn’t weird to you, then—Then I really don’t want to see what’s weird, and I’ve seen some… Interesting things myself.”

"Well, it’s worth noting that I know quite a few criminals, and they do have the tendency to run - and not in the metaphorical way of speaking - from those who try to arrest them. As for those who do run in the metaphorical manner, that hardly seems like something to discuss with a stranger.”

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          ✲ ❞Really? That’s… Weird.”

     Lucas, not everyone is a country bumpkin like you.

"Yes, well, it seems my life has been ‘weird’ for a while now, and that’s hardly the oddest part."

That was rather average in comparison to the strange parts, actually.

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