"You assume what I’m saying is fake? Please, Charlie, we both know you’re smart, but I thought you’d know better than to think everything I say is a lie. Shame."

"Stop playing games! We’re hardly ‘friends’ and you know it as well as I do. Now are you going to tell me why you’re bothering me or not? I don’t have the patience for this."

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Classic Charlie. Always oh so very happy to see him.

"What harsh words. Why must you be so cruel? I just wanted to see my good friend, Charlie, again."

How hard can she roll her eyes? Lets find out.

"Shut it, Phantom. I’m tired of hearing you talk with false friendliness. Tell me what you want, or else."

Where’d that football come from? Watch out, Phantom R.

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[slides in] “Did I hear someone say my name?”

She scrunches up her nose in disgust at the mere sight of him. Look. It’s the worst one.

"I knew something smelled like rotten criminal activity. What do you want, Phantom?"

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"My Phantom R senses are acting up again."



"Now, now. Don’t you look a bit lost."

"Well, yes.” She responded with a sigh, looking just as displeased as she typically would. It was practically in her blood to look at least a little ticked off at all times. “That would be because I am. Care to update me on… where I am exactly?”

"Even though I don’t totally despise most versions of Phantom R, I’ll never forget the past. None of the broken bones. Especially not that… unfortunate body-swap incident."

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Despite the gaze she gave him, he couldn’t help but smile a little. If she wasn’t going to do the same that the others, everyone… If she wasn’t going to rag on him, then she was better than them. Charlie was tough, from what he knew, but she wasn’t beyond caring for others… Even if it was in a harsh tone, it was meant to help.

"… Okay. I’ll… Do my best to remember that."

Catching the girl in front of him looking away felt strange, so he did the same. To the Shimon, if felt as if… As if he was spotting a moment of weakness, something he shouldn’t know. Staring at his own feet was all that made sense in that moment, letting the actions roll around his head. 

"… Good."

How embarrassingly awkward she was behaving right now. As she turned her gaze back to him, only to notice that he had looked away as well, her face turned a faint shade of red from it all. It was hardly her fault. He behaved so differently from the people she was normally around. All those boys she ended up spending her time with were rough in their words and actions, like watered down versions of her, with her loudness and attitude that typically scared away the shy. How should she know how to act around someone so much more quiet and sensitive?

"Well, good then. And I don’t want to hear you say one more bad thing about yourself, you understand?"

What other way to handle the awkward atmosphere than a Vergier-style defiant attitude? Posture straight, hands on her hips, and overall looking like she was attempting to appear bigger- That was the best way she knew to beat the mood.

"I mean it. You’re only to say positive things about yourself from now on."

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Ah, why did this class have to start so early? Well, no matter, it was just like any other day. Walking into the class room he looked around for Charlie, spotting her quickly and going over “Good Morning Charlie, you’re here early, as usual”


"Did you get your assignment done?"

As per the usual, Charlie had arrived at class sooner than necessary and passed the time by reading yet another novel she had picked up. Mystery, of course. Another detective story. What else should one expect from her of all people?


Her attention was torn from the book in an instant when she heard that voice pipe up. There was no doubt in her mind, no hesitation in pinpointing the owner of that tone, even before she had looked up.

"Wh— You?!"

Ah, her voice had risen. Even if she was shocked beyond proper expression, she really needed to keep it down.

"What are you doing here?"

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"I-I’m trying, alright?"

That was meant to be comforting, but it came off much different, leaving him wincing at his own words. She was right, though, he was pretty useless at day-to-day activities… When he was truly trying, he was better; that effort wasn’t usually put out, however. Which left him a walking disaster.

"……. Charlie, that… This time. Right…"

As if that was supposed to help the Shimon boy stopping his worrying, he shot a quick glare before it gave way to a small smile. How was he supposed to stay mad when she was proud of herself, confident in her own words? Yes, she was not graceful with her words either, but it was… Oddly charming, in it’s own way.

"I still worry, Charlie. At least let me clean off some of it, okay…? You look much better without caked dirt and blood."

"I— I’m sorry, Enma. I know you’re trying."

Her harsh expression from before failed her now, replaced with one that made it blatantly clear that she was aware she had done damage with her words this time and that she felt bad for it. Leave it to Charlie to let her attitude get the best of her in a way that would have a heavy toll on those around her.

There was a pause after Enma’s next words, in which the detective opened her mouth to say something- presumably that, even if she did break something, that wouldn’t stop her- but then she closed it without letting the sound escape. That certainly wouldn’t help the situation.

"Huh? Oh! I thought I got all the dirt and blood off already!"

Now that she gave it a proper amount of attention, she hadn’t. That’s what she got for being so rushed before in cleaning herself up and changing. Jeez, how embarrassing that she would miss something like that so easily- especially when he was the one to pick up on it.

"I won’t stop you if you want to. I- I wouldn’t normally make that mistake, though."

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Well, he tried. He tried so hard.

And in the end, he embarrassed himself immensely in front of Charlie while trying to be a considerate person. He probably worried her, knowing her… Damn.

"Y-Yeah, fine, reall—Oof!"

Without warning, she yanked him from the ground and onto his shaky feet. The two worked together to get most of the dirt off him, and he did his best to hide the roadrash on the palms of his hands. The blood would dry and clot, right? “Charlie, are you alright? Y-You really shouldn’t push yourself, have you properly treated things…? Oh god, are your arms ok…?”

What a worrywart. He just wants her to be ok, even if he isn’t in the best shape himself.

"Idiot. Don’t worry about me when you can’t walk without falling on your face."

Harsh words, perhaps, but she was genuinely concerned for him. He was involved in some dangerous things, from what she had heard, yet he could barely breathe without hurting himself or someone else in some way. It wasn’t like she could be there to keep an eye on him all the time either.

"I’m fine. It takes more than one crash to bring a Vergier down, you know! Besides, nothing broke this time."

Very reassuring, Charlotte. Her word choice may not have been the best, but her glowing confidence had to be of some help, right? Even if she did look beaten up, covered with bruises and bandages like that, her expression was one to show that this was nothing to her- which, perhaps, should be more concerning than reassuring.

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